Why Superheroes?

When I began looking into the topic of representation in American and foreign film industries, I knew I was beginning to examine a rather large media pool. Focusing on a singular, highly successful film from a non traditional foreign country seemed like a fairly average screenshot of their overall film industry, as most other countries have fairly small film production. Continue reading “Why Superheroes?”

Main Argument

America is the second largest producer of films every year, grossing about $10 billion a year. Our films are highly advertised, widely viewed, highly profitable, and internationally successful. It’s arguably the pinnacle of the global film industry, and yet, looking closely you can see many issues in the content in our most successful movies today, and throughout history. Sexism, racism, and lack of accuracy are major critiques of our major motion pictures, to name a few. Not to mention the fact that books-turned-movies are almost always critiqued for diminishing the material. Continue reading “Main Argument”